Yana Questioned For Drug Possession

Written by Yana-Gupta.Com on February 20th, 2007

Yana Gupta

Yana Gupta

Super-Model and Bollywood actress Yana Gupta faces a unique problem while traveling by air. Very recently, she was stopped by officials at the Dhaka Zia International airport, Bangladesh for possession of suspicious objects. Suspicious as like drugs. ;)

Actually the fact is that Yana is a health freak who always carry her soya protein mix while traveling. She is also an acupuncture expert who carries her acupuncture needles with her when she travels. The result is predictable. Lol…. :D She has often been questioned for possession of suspicious objects while traveling.

This is what Yana has to say about the matter ;)

“I’m very health conscious and carry small dabbas of stuff like my soya protein and calcium powder which I mix. They look kind of weird and I’m always questioned for it. I also have small acupuncture needles which I bought from China, which look like tiny sharp objects in the X-ray machine.”

“It’s quite funny actually,” says Yana. “Every time I pack my bag I pray that I won’t be stopped. At the Dhaka Zia International airport, Bangladesh, last week, they opened my boxes and asked me what they contained. They thought it was drugs. But I asked the man to taste it and only then did he believe me and let me go. The same thing also happened to me in Dubai, where I was lucky to be let off easily as the rules pertaining to drugs are very strict there.”

As for the needles, Yana says they need a lot more convincing than the protein powders. In fact, she even had to do acupuncture on an airport official once to prove herself. “I was coming back from Kolkata, when a security man stopped me. I told him I was a doctor who uses them to treat patients. He scoffed at me saying they didn’t look like medicines. So I just stuck a needle into him and showed him. Thankfully I got back my needles as they are specially bought from China!” says Yana. That was very brave of Yana to stuck a needle into the security man. Ha Ha Ha… :D

Funny and unique problem!!!! ;)

Anyways, hopefully these things will get sorted out.

And sorry about the title guys! Yana is a very good human being besides being a beautiful doctor ;) No drug addict. Nowhere near such things either. GOD bless you Yana!!


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