Yana Gupta Maxim-um Exposure

Written by Yana-Gupta.Com on February 9th, 2010

Yana Gupta MAXIM (Nov 2007)

It’s been long since we had any updates on this Yana Gupta’s fansite. In the recent past Yana Gupta has a photoshoot with one of the leading glamor magazine “Maxim”. The magazine has a long history, best known for photoshoots with top celebrities. It’s been sometime now that they have been in India and Yana Gupta has already been the cover girl for their magazine twice. That’s a feat that not many celebrities can claim as on now.

It was a treat for lot of Yana Gupta’s fans when the Maxim magazine brought out the hottest pics of Yana, ever. We have already dedicated a complete section for Yana Gupta’s pics under Maxim magazine. Ofcourse the image copyrights belongs to Maxim India and we are just sharing the images with you. You can either visit this section : Yana Gupta Maxim Pics , or you can just have a glance of what’s cooking in that section by checking out the following sizzling pics of Yana Gupta.

Yana Gupta MAXIM (March 2007)

Yana Gupta MAXIM (March 2007)

The Czech stunning beauty graced the cover of Maxim magazine for the second time that year. And the hot and sizzling images of Yana Gupta can definitely make any regular Bollywood bombshell look like a damp squib. Isn’t that true?

The images, in lingerie, leather pants and designer outfits, have Yana Gupta strutting her stuff and flaunting her assets to “Maxim”um. One photo shows Yana pulling down her top to reveal a black, laced bra. Another one has her in a black bustier about to burst at seams. Apart from the skin show, Yana – a vegetarian – looks in extremely good shape with not a trace of flab on her perfectly toned and sylph-shaped body. :)


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