Yana Gupta Still Not An Indian Citizen

Written by Yana-Gupta.Com on September 18th, 2010

Yana Gupta

Yana Gupta

Hello folks. It has been a long time since i wrote something about Yana Gupta on this Yana Gupta’s fan site. Truth is that we all do love Yana, but for some unknown reason, Yana Gupta has been failing to make a news or appear in any movies, songs, reality shows or commercials. We really are unable to know much about her these days. But whatever we do hear about Yana Gupta, you will be the first to know through our site.

Anyways, Yana Gupta has now been in India for a long long time. I mean, the “Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo” song from the movie “Dum” was released way back in 2003, and i guess we have known Yana Gupta much before that. Amazing fact however is, that Yana Gupta has been in India on working Visa for the last 7-8 years. She is a Czech Republic citizen, remember? Yana Gupta, who rules many Indian hearts with her beauty and charm, is not yet an Indian citizen and has neither applied for it.

Nowadays, immigration officials are busy examining the visas of several foreigners who came to India on a tourist visa but started working here and now have employment visas to support their career in the country. According to reports, there are many foreigners in Bollywood who prefer staying here on an employment visa rather than applying for Indian citizenship, and, when necessary, extend their visa limit.

An immigration official questioned “When one can get an employment visa and work on the basis of it, then what is the need of working on a visitor’s visa?”

I mean Yana Gupta is not the only foreign national model who doesn’t have an Indian Citizenship and yet staying in India. Beautiful actress Katrina Kaif is also not an Indian citizen. She is from United Kingdom. Other big names include Adnan Sami (Pakistan), Deepti Naval (United States), Salma Agha (United Kingdom) and few more that i do not recall at the moment.

“Most of the actors and other foreigners working in Bollywood prefer staying here on an employment visa. Sometimes they ask for an extension in visa period. We consider whatever is correct as per the law,” said a police officer from the immigration department.

I remember the Norwegian model Negar Khan who failed to extend her visa. Negar Khan was deported back to Norway from India for the very same reason. Anyways, let’s cut the crap is nothing of this sirt will ever to the most beautiful gal on the planet, Yana Gupta.

I seriously still love Yana Gupta! And she is only two years older than me. I can live with that if she decides to marry me and get an automated Indian citizenship. Ha ha ha! Of course, it’s just a dream for me, so i rather be saying “Just Kidding”. :(

But i really loved her more with her long black hair flowing and flirting with her beautiful face.

Anyways, we all hope Yana gets her Citizenship sooner or later because, and i will say it on every Yana Gupta’s fans’ behalf that “Yana, we really really love you and we do not want to lose you. So get a citizenship and stay here in India and in hearts for forever.” Thanks


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  1. Badmash says:

    I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

  2. Anirban Sen says:

    Can a foreign national marry an Indian and automatically become a citizen? I think their is a 7 or 11 year waiting period. Till that time, you only get a PIO card.

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