Yana Gupta’s New Looks

Written by Yana-Gupta.Com on November 20th, 2008

Gorgeous glamor girl, Yana Gupta has apparently got a new hairdo. And she looks absolutely terrific in it.

Her pics with this new hairdo are reportedly being circulated as “Yana goes Blonde”. We would have agreed if someone said she now looks Angrezi (English). But Blonde is little too much for the cute and lovely Yana Gupta.

Just for your information, we recently took a small survey on the Hottest Non-Indian girl in Indian Cinema, Bollywood. And not to our surprise, Yana Gupta bagged the second position just after Katrina Kaif. I’m sure the results can change anytime if Yana enters the bollywood as a leading actress in some movie. She has what it takes to give Katrina a run for her money as afr as the “Hottest girl” title is considered.

Yana Gupta

Yana Gupta

By the way, along with Yana Gupta new looks, apparently we guys at Yana-Gupta.com have also gone for a new look. You can circulate our new looks as “Yana-Gupta.com goes Dark” :lol:


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  1. Shakeel says:

    I think Yana Gupta looks more beautiful with black color hair

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